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CAKOON UV Material - An Overview

CAKOON UV-MATERIAL is made using a base of 190T Polyester Pongee fabric manufactured with special UV treatments and proprietary silver processes. These special treatments and processes are what make CAKOON UV-MATERIAL unique and different from other materials.

Many fabrics partially block the sun's ultraviolet rays, but not all fabrics block enough UVR (ultraviolet rays) to be classified as "sun protective". Our CAKOON UV-MATERIAL has been scientifically developed and laboratory tested for a rating of UPF 50+, the highest rating possible for a fabric. This means our material blocks 99.9% of both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays (UVR).

Not only has our material been tested for ultraviolet protection - but also for water repellency and flammability. All claims concerning the quality and features of our material have been validated by the test procedures listed below.
CAKOON UV Material - UV Ratings and Testing Certification

In the United States, the rating for ultraviolet transmission through fabrics is not regulated.  So in order to validate the claim of UPF 50+ and provide confidence to our customers, CAKOON UV-Material has been tested and certified by the Australian government and licensed to carry the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) trademark for the UPF 50+ Rating.  Australia leads the world in the development of testing standards, codes of practice and guidelines relevant to ultraviolet protection.

In addition to the certification and testing performed in Australia, independent laboratory testing has also been performed in the US validating the UPF 50+ rating.  The following is a list of the testing performed on our CAKOON UV-MATERIAL.  Our test data is available for review.

CAKOON UV Material - UPF Testing:

Test Procedure:
Transmittance or Blockage of Erythermally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics (AATC 183-1998)
Transmittance of Ultraviolet Radiation through fabric (AATCC 183-2000)

Classification System:

The Australian/New Zealand Classification System (AU/NZS 4399:1966)
Classification for UV Protection (ASTM D6603-00)

Testing Laboratories:

California Polytechnic State UniversityTextile Research & Testing Laboratory
MTL-ACTS a Bureau Veritas Company:  A global leader in quality assurance solutions
Australian Government:  ARPANSA  (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency)

Wearing Apparel Flammability Testing:

Title 16 CFR 1610--Original Material & After Washing Care Method

Testing Laboratory:

MTL-ACTS a Burear Veritas Company:  A global leader in quality assurance solutions

Water Repellency Test:

Spary test AATCC22

Testing Laboratory:

MTL-ACTS a Bureau Veritas Company:  A global leader in quality assurance solutions







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